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Ms. Geraldine

Assistant Director

Ms. Geraldine, “Gigi,” is a graduate of Marymount California University where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Human Development and Psychology. The wonderful mentors she met in her college years inspired her to continue her journey through the field of Early Childhood Education. She attended the University of California Los Angeles and received a certificate in the Early Childhood Education Advanced Core Program. She is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership. In the past several years, Ms. Geraldine has taught various age groups as young as Toddlers, up to Middle School, but has ultimately found her passion in the preschool years.

Ms. Gigi finds great joy to see each child learning and developing new interests and skills through her teachings. She finds the work of an educator very rewarding. She believes in creating new ways for students to enjoy the process of gaining knowledge that caters to all types of learners and their different styles of learning.

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