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Bella Montessori's preschool children are learners with confidence. They are inquisitive individuals with the ability to encounter broader stages of development when they are provided the right learning instruments by the classroom educators to challenge their learning. This is why Bella Montessori's classroom is the ideal environment for the blended approach of Maria Montessori's traditional approach and the emergent curriculum model.


It is Bella Montessori's focus to provide our early childhood educators with the tools that will compel concentration, confidence, and hands-on purpose of each subject outcome. This is done through the unique blend of the traditional Montessori and emergent approach beginning in our Infant/Toddler classrooms.


Accordingly, we are mindful of the need to prepare each child for his/her elementary journey. The local schools focus on The Common Core State Standards and developing the critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills students need to be successful. At Bella Montessori, we believe the hybrid curriculum lends requisite support to add a sub-focus through STEAM. Story times, observation stations, cumulative projects, science areas, engineering activities, creativity, and innovation is a well-rounded focus in each classroom, daily.


"In such a short period of time, my 3 year old's attitude has drastically improved and she is excited to go to school and share what she learned that day. My 3 month old is always content and the teachers in that room truly feel like an extension of our family. We feel very privileged to have the wonderful staff at Bella Montessori School to educate and care for our little ones."    [Mrs. Gardner]
"The teachers are personable and loving to our daughter.  They put our minds at ease knowing
that we are leaving her in incredible hands."    [Mrs. Bardwell]

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