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Ms. Ildy

Montessori Curriculum Specialist

Ms. Ildy is a certified Montessori Teacher through the Association Montessori Internationale. She has been a preschool educator for over 20 years. Her journey in her work with young children started when she lived in Hungary as a social worker. She was committed to placing foster children into happy homes. Her passion for education and social work has led her to become an advocate for the Montessori philosophy. In addition to teaching in the classroom, she also serves as a mentor, and spends her time training teachers the Montessori style of teaching.

Ms. Ildy believes it is important to have a nurturing and loving environment in a preschool classroom. Following the Montessori philosophy, she strives to look at each child as an individual with a different set of needs and desires. She enjoys preparing each child for everyday life and instilling a sense of independence and confidence in them.

In her spare time, she enjoys art, reading, gardening, home decorating, and movies. She is driven by her creativity and is always looking for exciting new lessons and ideas to share with her class.

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