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Get to Know Us
and Our Philosophy


Bella Montessori creates a positive

and nurturing environment to support learning and personal growth through creative, intellectual and developmental experiences for every child. 


Our excellent educational programs encourage the development of healthy bodies, thinking minds and confident spirits. Our teachers are committed to providing superior care and education for all our students. Children have the freedom to explore, gain hands-on experience and learn in a safe and peaceful environment. Our classrooms are equipped with stimulating learning materials that guide students to gain independence and responsibility in caring for themselves, each other and the world we share.


Bella Montessori provides families peace of mind through consistent quality, positive role-models and dependable service. Our primary focus is always the safety, well-being and best interest of our children. 

The Montessori Method

Emergent Curriculum

The blended approach

What is the Montessori Method?

Maria Montessori (1870-1952), developed the approach to education in which children can initiate their own learning in a supportive environment. The approach also focuses on the value of the human spirit, independence, and fostering the development of the "whole child". 


What does this mean at Bella Montessori?

We use the Montessori approach when setting up natural classroom environments and in structuring the daily routines. Our teachers use many of the Montessori teaching techniques to support children's growth, guide learning, and foster independence.


Bella Montessori does not look like a traditional Montessori school. Why?

We use a hybrid approach and integrate both the Emergent Curriculum and Montessori Method.  We believe that this approach exposes children to many teaching styles and will better prepare them for a non-Montessori education in kindergarten and beyond.


Does Bella Montessori have mixed-age groups?

Bella Montessori has slightly mixed-age classrooms for Infants, Toddlers, and Pre-K. Children who are ages 2-4 are placed into classrooms based on their development and age. 

What is Emergent Curriculum?

Emergent curriculum is also known as creative curriculum or the project-approach. Topics and themes are derived from the children's interests. Teachers plan on a weekly basis and keep an observation log of the children's interests and possible topics of study. 

What does this mean at Bella Montessori?

Teachers plan topics each week based on the children's interests. Topics often flow naturally and may continue for an extended period of time, depending on the children's interests. Children can choose how they want to learn about topics from a variety of learning opportunities.

What are the benefits of using Emergent Curriculum?

Research has shown that children retain more and learn more when they are interested in a topic or choose an activity.  Emergent Curriculum allows children to guide their own learning, with the help from intentional teachers.


Will my child be learning every day?

Yes! We implement both of these effective curriculum models so that children can learn in a variety of ways every day. Learning activities are offered throughout the day during large group time, small group times, one-on-one teaching, and even during outside play times.

S.T.E.A.M. Classes

In addition to the Emergent and Montessori approach, Bella Montessori offers classes - at no additional cost - that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math at our very own S.T.E.A.M. Lab!

Every morning, children 2 1/2+ years old will have an opportunity to participate in a specialized lesson with a small group of 12 children. S.T.E.A.M. classes aid preschoolers in developing reasoning, creativity, problem-solving, language and communication skills in preparation for the elementary school years.


Enrichment Classes

Thinking of having your child learn a new skill or further their interest in a specific subject?


We are proud to host enrichment classes every afternoon of each week. Each class ranges between 30 to 45 mins and is a great way to supplement your child's learning at school. Sign up now for Soccer, Cooking Class, Art/Ceramics, Bricks 4 Kids or Dance.

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