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Come ready to play!

Bella Montessori is inviting you & your family to the 1st annual Bella Bowl

Lake Forest Sports Park
28000 Rancho Parkway
Lake Forest CA 92630

at the "Commons" field

*Please note that this event is not
going to be held at school.

Saturday, Aug 6th
What time?
9:30am - 1:30pm

FAQ  <Frequently Asked Questions>

If all goes well, this will be our 1st Annual Bella Bowl. Naturally, you may have some questions. We've compiled a few of them below; we hope you find some answers.

I wear?

Athletic wear, sunnies, a hat and some sneakers.

We are currently printing shirts for every student in their house color. There will be school events that the kids will be asked to wear this shirt throughout the year. We ask that you provide us with your child's size and a payment of $20 at the front. If you want a shirt for yourself, you can get one too.

Also, bring some extra clothes for everybody just in case you get wet.

***thats a hint, we've said too much :) 

Please wear your team colors -- Sapphire (blue), Ruby (red) & Emerald (green).

Go all out -- head-to-toe to show your team spirit! We may be handing out extra points.

If you don't know which house you belong to, ask Ms. Stefanie or Ms. Alex at the front. Or ask your little one, they might know. 

What are we playing for?

Two words: Bragging Rights!  ...and probably some medals.

We want to promote and model healthy competition among our students. It's been a while since we gathered as a community and we're putting on this event as a way to come together in healthy competition with one another. We couldn't think of a better way to soak in the summer and share in some family-fun.

What should I bring?

Your competitive fire


A picnic blanket/camping chairs


Clothes to change into

...we may add to this list as we think of more things

Will There be food?

We are providing Costco pizzas, hot dogs, water & juice boxes. You're welcome to pack snacks & other drinks. Bring a picnic blanket or some camping chairs to the event. 

We wanted food trucks. But the city vetoed that idea. Next year, we'll push harder.

Who Can Come?

This is a family event. The whole family is invited to share in the fun. Whether you're brand new at Bella Montessori or were with us at anytime during the 2021-2022 school year, this event is for you! Call us to inquire which house color your family belongs to. 


Since parking is limited, we ask that you try and squeeze into one vehicle per family. Please dress the whole family in your house colors; you may snag some extra points if you come with team spirit!

RSVP here. Will we be expecting you?
Are you attending?

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